• 2013/01/25


Hosting an afternoon panel at OMMA RTB, MediaPost editor-in-chief Joe Mandese is talking “serendipity,” and his fear that ever more accountable advertising is losing that magic ingredient. David Cohen, Chief Media Officer at Universal McCann says it’s not an issue. It’s not an “either/or” thing, Coh … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/25


Last year was a year when the phrase “Big Data” was all over the place. Dig through the troves of data your business generates, the thinking goes, and some useful business intelligence falls out. That, at least, is the idea, and there are numerous companies — some startups, some big and established … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/24


Over the course of the last three years ExchangeWire has witnessed real time bidding emerge from a technological unknown to an established method of media buying. We are now at a point where, although automated-led buying still has room for much more growth, the marketplace has started to mature. We … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/24

RTB関連トピック集2013年 7

Facebook、コンバージョン測定機能とCPM最適化機能をローンチ http://markezine.jp/article/detail/17113 ブログ:RTBがデジタル広告の主役になるためには何が必要なのか? http://www.exchangewire.jp/2013/01/18/blog-admarketeck-rtb/ 2013年のモバイル、ソーシャル、ビッグデータ、ジオロケーション、マーケティングはこうなる http://www.seojapan.com/blog/predictions-2013 2013年の検索広告をワイルドに予想 http://www.seojapan. … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/23


For decades, cost per thousand (CPM) pricing has controlled how nearly all advertising is bought and sold and how different media properties are compared. While a focus on CPM-based buying also provided a foundation for the first decade of online display growth, it is now preventing the online adver … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/23

RTB関連トピック集2013年 6

今回は、RTBとは直接の関係は薄いですが、関連トピックとして押さえておきたい面白い記事をご紹介します。 アドビ、ソーシャルメディアマーケティングソリューション「Adobe Social」日本国内提供開始 http://markezine.jp/article/detail/17093 世界のモバイル広告収益、2015年にはモバイルウェブ広告がアプリ内広告を抜く http://markezine.jp/article/detail/17089 グーグルはFacebook「Graph Search」を警戒すべきか–検索をめぐる新たな争い http://japan.cnet.com/neContinue Reading →

  • 2013/01/22


It’s become a tradition worldwide for individuals to start the year with a New Year’s resolution, setting goals and commitments to achieve throughout the next twelve months. Being part of such an exciting online whirlwind, PubMatic, has set goals, commitments and new product upgrades to … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/18

RTB関連トピック集2013年 5

DMP(データ管理プラットフォーム)の現状と未来 http://www.seojapan.com/blog/dmp iPadは広告主の最良の友 http://jp.techcrunch.com/archives/20130116ipad-becomes-advertisers-best-friend/ 20%のコンテンツで80%の結果を得る方法 http://www.seojapan.com/blog/20-contents-80-results 広告オペレーションは競争力の源泉である http://www.admarketech.com/2013/01/adops-not-just-trafContinue Reading →

  • 2013/01/17

RTB関連トピック集2013年 4

今回は、facebookの記事が多くなっておりますが、第四回目です。 アドテクによってマーケティングは「オペレーション」と化す、2013年Yahoo! JAPANが目指すクリエイティブな世界 http://markezine.jp/article/detail/17000 Facebookのグラフ検索は、プライバシーを利己的に感じさせる http://jp.techcrunch.com/archives/20130116contribution-vs-privacy/ FacebookグラフサーチとGoogle検索の違いを徹底解剖 http://www.seojapan.com/blog/faContinue Reading →

  • 2013/01/17

RTB関連トピック集2013年 3

DSPの理解度は6割超、約3割の企業が「スマホ向けアドネットワークを導入済み」――72社のWEB担当者に聞く<後編> http://www.advertimes.com/20130116/article99108/ Googleの品質スコアに対処する7つの秘訣 http://www.seojapan.com/blog/google-quality-score SEOってビジネスにプラスになるの? http://www.seojapan.com/blog/seo-and-business Facebook、グラフサーチでGoogleに宣戦布告 http://www.seojapan.com/blContinue Reading →

  • 2013/01/16


Today’s edition of WireColumn is written by Ben Downing, Head of Programmatic Buying, Arena Media. It’s become a cliché amongst the programmatic and adtech crowd that the planner/buyers are the problem. Ill-equipped for a technology led approach to buying, they default to swapping test budget for tr … Continue Reading →