• 2012/10/19

Publishing Management In An RTB World

One thing I have learned in 18 years of working in digital publishing is that the Internet is so big that every idea will be tried. Many, many bad ideas along with good ideas are launched and fierce market forces will sort out the winners from the losers. Then the winners will immediately face new c … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/18


17日、モバイル広告のモーションビートとスマートフォン向けサービスを展開するスパイアが12月30日をもってモーションビートを存続会社とする吸収合併をおこなうことで合意した。  モーションビートはこれまでモバイル広告代理事業を中心に事業展開を図ってきたが、昨今の市場環境の変化を受け、広告プラットフォーム事業へドメインをシフト。一方のスパイアもモバイルメディアレップ事業から現在はトレーディングデスク事業とスマートフォンメディア事業に注力しており、今後のスマートフォン広告、スマートフォンメディア市場におけるリーディングポジション獲得へ向けた両社の思惑が一致した。  吸収合併後の社名はユナイテッドへ変 … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/18

cci、米デジタルマーケティング・ソリューション事業のRocket Fuel社と戦略的提携

米国Rocket Fuel社と戦略的提携 リアルタイムメディアプランニング・バイイング機能を強化  株式会社サイバー・コミュニケーションズ(本社:東京都港区 代表取締役社長:長澤 秀行 以下cci)は、北米・欧州にてサービスを展開するデジタルマーケティング・ソリューション事業社 Rocket Fuel Inc.(本社:米国カリフォルニア州レッドウッド CEO:George John 以下RF社)と戦略的業務提携により、RF社が持つマーケティング・メソッドおよびDSP機能を有するマーケティングプラットフォームを活用し、cciが提供する「PerformanceX Management(※1)」のサ … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/18


Programmatic premium is largely seen as the key driver for continued growth in automated buying. It has been held up by many as a means to deliver improved yield and revenue for publishers drowning in unsold, but is programmatic buying still marginal? There has been little sign of scaled adoption of … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/15

Global DSP Sociomantic Labs Tames RTB for E-Commerce Marketers

Berlin-based Sociomantic Labs hit the U.S. in a big way last month with the hire of Jason Kelly, Admeld’s former chief revenue officer, as its new CEO (AdExchanger story). The company positions itself as a “performance DSP” with an e-commerce focus, competing with the likes of Criteo and traditional … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/15


For squeezed publishers, a bit of good and bad news: CPMs will rise more than 75% over the next five years. But overall growth of the online display advertising market will grow more slowly than expected, according to an estimate from Forrester. Average CPMs — the rate advertisers pay for 1,00 … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/15


The benefits of real-time bidding (RTB) seem obvious, but as a percentage of the display advertising market, RTB’s growth has lagged many observers’ expectations. So what gives? According to a study (PDF) conducted by Advertiser Perceptions and released this week by Casale Media, approxi … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/12

Google Launches DoubleClick Ad Verification Tool

Google announced a new ad verification tool for agencies and marketers using DoubleClick, called DoubleClick Verification. The tool includes site content monitoring to help highlight potential issues with ads. It will analyze content at the URL level for each page that your ad is served upon. It use … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/12

FacebookExchangeのユーザとコンバージョンの時間帯について Triggit調べ

Facebook users who see retargeting ads on the social network through the Facebook Exchange are clicking and converting throughout the day, says FBX partner Triggit. That’s an advantage over traditional real-time bidding exchanges, where conversions skew toward post-work hours. Triggit says one e-tai … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/12

BrightRoll Exchange Video Summitから探るDigital Video Advertisingの最新動向

The BrightRoll Exchange (BRX), the world’s largest video advertising exchange, hosted its biannual BRX Video Summit last week, drawing more than 200 professionals from across the digital advertising landscape to the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York on October 3. The Fall 2012 event featured k … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/11


Display advertising is an important part of digital marketing, but deciding which platform to go with and how much budget to allocate is a tricky decision for advertisers. In recent years real-time bidding (RTB) networks have sought to revolutionise the industry by allowing marketers to bid on how m … Continue Reading →