• 2012/10/15


The benefits of real-time bidding (RTB) seem obvious, but as a percentage of the display advertising market, RTB’s growth has lagged many observers’ expectations. So what gives? According to a study (PDF) conducted by Advertiser Perceptions and released this week by Casale Media, approxi … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/12

Google Launches DoubleClick Ad Verification Tool

Google announced a new ad verification tool for agencies and marketers using DoubleClick, called DoubleClick Verification. The tool includes site content monitoring to help highlight potential issues with ads. It will analyze content at the URL level for each page that your ad is served upon. It use … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/12

FacebookExchangeのユーザとコンバージョンの時間帯について Triggit調べ

Facebook users who see retargeting ads on the social network through the Facebook Exchange are clicking and converting throughout the day, says FBX partner Triggit. That’s an advantage over traditional real-time bidding exchanges, where conversions skew toward post-work hours. Triggit says one e-tai … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/12

BrightRoll Exchange Video Summitから探るDigital Video Advertisingの最新動向

The BrightRoll Exchange (BRX), the world’s largest video advertising exchange, hosted its biannual BRX Video Summit last week, drawing more than 200 professionals from across the digital advertising landscape to the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York on October 3. The Fall 2012 event featured k … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/11


Display advertising is an important part of digital marketing, but deciding which platform to go with and how much budget to allocate is a tricky decision for advertisers. In recent years real-time bidding (RTB) networks have sought to revolutionise the industry by allowing marketers to bid on how m … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/10

広告視認性重視の流行に潜む危険 ーPerils of the Ad Viewability Crazeー

“Data Driven Thinking“ is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Peter Davies, SVP Sales & Marketing at Adconion. The current definition of an “in-view” ad impression, according to the IAB’s Making Meas … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/10

モバイル広告のモーションビート、2億5千万円赤字へ転落 ― 通期業績予想

モーションビート(2497、マザーズ)は9日、2013年3月期(4-3月)の当期純利益を当初予想の5億4,500万円から△2億5,000へ下方修正した。 フィーチャーフォンからスマートフォンへの移行が進む中、これまでの取り扱っていたフィーチャーフォン向け広告が激減したほか、保有する上場株の株価が下落。売上、利益共に当初予想を大幅に下回った。  一方、同社では、モバイル広告市場は現在、フィーチャーフォンからスマートフォンへシフトする変遷期と見ており、同領域での新たな広告手法のRTB(Real Time Bidding)を始めるなど先行投資を積極化。売上も順調に伸びており、2012年7月以降スマー … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/10

WSJ Digital Networkは、Rubicon Projectと共に、「WSJ AUDEX」というプライベートエクスチェンジを発表

In yet another sign that major publishers are embracing real-time bidding, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network has teamed up with The Rubicon Project to launch its first branded private ad exchange called “WSJ AUDEX.” The invitation-only exchange will allow select advertisers and marketers acces … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/10

Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ads Lead to More Clicks

This past summer, Facebook began letting advertisers retarget its users based on their off-Facebook browsing behavior through Facebook Exchange (FBX). Early results released last month were encouraging, with multiple partners claiming that FBX ads outperformed retargeting campaigns run on other exch … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/10


Rob Brett is Head of Data Trading and Commercial Analysis at Future Publishing. Here he discusses how publishers can make better use of their unsold inventory, instead of unloading it into a market already plagued by oversupply problems. I once described network revenue as the drug addiction of publ … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/09


Baltimore – Videology, the Baltimore-based digital ad technology startup headed by former Advertising.com co-founder Scott Ferber, said it has acquired Reston-based LucidMedia, the developer of a digital ad management platform focusing on display and rich media campaigns. Financial terms of the deal … Continue Reading →