• 2017/07/31

Adobe、Adobe TargetにAIを利用したパーソナライゼーション機能を追加

Today’s most successful brands already use data science to personalize experiences and address customer needs. Brands are increasingly building internal statistical models and algorithms to tailor experiences and yet most are not fully leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

  • 2017/07/26


Outbrain, the world’s largest premium discovery platform, today announced the acquisition of Zemanta, a Slovenian-founded startup headquartered in New York City whose DSP product is being used by dozens of agencies as their platform of choice for programmatic native advertising solutions. Zemanta’s … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/07/21


In-app advertising has become a more powerful consumer engagement channel for mobile advertisers and revenue stream for mobile publishers. AerServ, the leading inventory and audience management technology for mobile publishers and advertisers, today announced the ability for programmatic mobile vide … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/07/20

DataXu、透明性の高い在庫のみを扱う「Validated Inventory Marketplace」をリリース

DataXu, the leading provider of programmatic marketing software, today announced the DataXu Validated Inventory Marketplace. The DataXu Validated Inventory Marketplace ensures advertisers are running on ad inventory whose source has been verified as authentic, eliminating exposure to counterfeit and … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/07/18

Rubicon Project、プログラマティック広告買い付け最適化のnToggleを買収

Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), the global exchange for advertising, today announced that it has acquired nToggle, a technology company that makes it easier and more cost effective for programmatic buyers to find the inventory they’re looking for among the billions of bid requests they receive each da … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/07/14


Accentureは、 同社傘下のAccenture Interactiveが担うデジタルマーケティングのパーソナライゼーションサービス等の強化のためにテキサス拠点のClearheadを買収しました。

  • 2017/07/13


YuMe, Inc. (NYSE: YUME), a proven partner for video advertising leadership and innovation, and Mediaocean, the leading software provider for the advertising world, today announced a partnership designed to extend the reach of TV media buying by providing brands the ability to access premium digital … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/07/13


DataXu, a leading provider of programmatic marketing solutions, and Teads, the inventor of outstream video and the No. 1 video advertising marketplace in the world, today announced a partnership declaring DataXu as the first DSP in market certified to purchase Teads Studio video units programmatical … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/07/13


Sizmek, the largest people-based creative optimization and data activation platform delivering impressions that inspire, today announced Cross-DSP Frequency Capping, the first iteration of their Cross Media Plan Optimization solution that enables agencies and advertisers to maintain ideal ad exposur … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/07/07


Wunderman, the leading global digital agency, today announced that POSSIBLE, a multi-service digital agency, has joined its group. The enlarged group will have the scale, expertise and global reach to better meet the demands of global marketers today and in the future. POSSIBLE, a WPP agency created … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/07/07


ShareIQ today launched the first image performance platform to provide full transparency on how branded visual content engages consumers across social media platforms and publishers. With three billion images being uploaded to the web every day, the software-as-a-service solves a growing problem fac … Continue Reading →