• 2016/07/20

PubMatic、Media 122と提携し動画広告事業を拡大

PubMatic, the marketing automation software company for publishers, today announced that it has partnered with Media 122, the premium digital media company with a focus on video, and driven a 47 percent increase in programmatic revenue associated with Media 122’s high-quality video assets. Private M … Continue Reading →

  • 2016/07/15


VertaMedia, an award-winning, online video supply-side platform (SSP) announces a strategic partnership with GeoEdge, the premier provider for ad security and ad quality management solutions to ensure that publishers receive best-in-class, live video ad security and verification.

  • 2016/07/11



  • 2016/07/11


Googleは、End to Endのオンライン動画配信・収益化をサポートするプラットフォームを提供するAnvatoを買収した。動画配信技術をGoogleに取り込み強化するとともに、End to Endの技術を利用することでアドブロッカーの入る隙を減らす目的もあるとみられる。

  • 2016/07/06

Videology、リニアテレビ広告の教育を促す「Knowledge Lab」をリリース

Videology, a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising, released the third installment of its educational ‘Knowledge Lab’ series. In this release, Videology discusses key issues in the advertising ecosystem related to advanced linear TV advertising. The lab defines … Continue Reading →

  • 2016/06/30



  • 2016/06/30

Turn 、Integral Ad ScienceのViewability動画広告ターゲティングを利用可能に

Integral Ad Science (IAS), the leader in quantifying digital media quality, today announced that independent omni-channel ad tech company, Turn, has added IAS’s pre-bid video viewability targeting to its platform. Turn customers now have access to IAS’s diverse, data-rich targeting technology, allow … Continue Reading →

  • 2016/06/17


サムスンが、2010年に設立されたカナダの大手DSP事業社の「AdGear」を買収したことをWall Street Journalが報じた。買収額は、明らかになっていないが、5,000万ドル前後を見られている。 AdGearは、ディスプレイのDSP事業だけでなく、ビデオ広告やプログラマティックテレビ広告の分野にも進出しており、サムスンは同分野へ進出することを見据えてAdGearを買収したと見られている。

  • 2016/06/14


Outstream Inventor Will Provide Advertisers, Agencies and Trading Desks With In-depth Educational Series For Buyers to Become Experts in Planning and Buying Outstream Video

  • 2016/06/13

LOCUSのテンプレート型動画制作サービス「FastVideo」、マイクロアドの「BLADE Hunt VIDEO」にサービス提供開始


  • 2016/06/13


Ensuring that your ads are able to be seen is an important baseline for driving brand impact. That’s why we’ve been so focused on improving viewability measurement. We’ve spent the last several years investing in our Active View technology, which measures whether or not an ad was able to … Continue Reading →