• 2013/01/30

Rubicon Project、新たに2名の役員が参画

The Los Angeles-based Rubicon Project has hired two execs to fill top spots at the digital advertising company, in what looks like preparations for an eventual public offering. Greg Raifman, the founder, chairman and CEO of Dragon Media, will become president, reporting to Rubicon CEO and co-founder … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/29


Italy is the biggest Southern European display market, now totalling 500 million euro – and growing – per year. We speak to Marco Guglielmin, Director A-Plus platform at Zodiak Media. Zodiak Media is a leading Publisher Trading Desk in the market, working with a number of Italy’s top publishers. Her … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/29


The final panel at last week’s OMMA RTB was a “Grill the Vendors” session on the relationship between video and RTB. The title of the panel asked: Are video and RTB ready for each other? The panelists all believe that video and RTB are ready for each other, but there needs to be a shift in perceptio … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/29

Accordant Media、RTBに関するレポートを公表。2012年はRTB在庫が2倍に成長。

The Accordant Media (www.AccordantMedia.com) “Real-time Media Buying: Q4 Market Pulse” report released today confirms that the exchange-traded media marketplace continued to grow over 100% for 2012, though “cooled” to a 61% growth rate in Q4. In addition, Accordant’s re … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/29

RTB関連トピックまとめ 2013 1/28~29

【海外コラム】FacebookのプロダクトマネージャーDavid Baserが語るアトリビューションのロードマップ(AdExchangerより) http://www.attribution.jp/000186.html cci様主催の媒体説明会レポート(2013年1月) http://www.google.co.jp/ig?authuser=1 日本のモバイルビジネスがiOSとAndroidに本格的にシフト中(App Annie調べ) http://jp.techcrunch.com/archives/20130128japan-app-economy-app-annie/ ついに真打ち登場 … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/29


AdBrite has shut down its exchange, and says it is close to selling off its other assets: namely, its B2B Marketplace directory and the intellectual property and engineering operations that power the core exchange product. In essence, this means that adBrite as it has been known — since evolving fro … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/28

モバイルRTBの4Qレポート -ホリデーシーズンの憂鬱も克服-(英文)

Mobile advertising gained steam in Q4 thanks to increased interest from advertisers and consumers during the holidays, according to recent data and reports from several mobile advertising platforms. As consumers turned to their phones and tablets more often during the holidays — and as they re … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/28

RTB関連トピック集2013年 8

ディスプレイ広告と検索広告の4つの違い http://www.seojapan.com/blog/display-and-search-misconception auスマホ利用者情報とサイト訪問履歴でより高度なターゲティングが可能に http://www.advertimes.com/20130124/article98528/ ソーシャルメディア広告市場、年平均8.3%増で成長予測 http://markezine.jp/article/detail/17117 タグマネジメントにセキュリティー機能搭載で、アドテクノロジー市場の活性化を牽引するFringe81 http://www.excContinue Reading →

  • 2013/01/28

Yahoo! JAPANおよびGyaOとMediaMind、 MediaMindの第三者配信サーバーを用いたリッチ広告の掲載を開始

~ 広告主とユーザーの間に「エンゲージメント効果」を創出~  Yahoo! JAPANを運営するヤフー株式会社(以下、Yahoo! JAPAN)、およびその子会社である株式会社GyaO(以下、GyaO)と、MediaMind Technologies 株式会社(以下、MediaMind)は、2012年10月31日に発表した業務提携に基づき、MediaMindの第三者配信サーバーを用いたリッチ広告の掲載を、本日より無料映像配信サイト「GyaO!」において開始しました。  2012年10月31日に締結された業務提携は、ブランディングを目的としたインターネット広告のニーズに応えるため、リッチなクリエ … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/28

Rubicon ProjectのGMが語る、「モバイルRTB」と「プレミアム枠の自動広告取引」について

Rubicon Project Senior Vice-President and General Manager, International, Jay Stevens is speaking at our next event: AOP Programmatic Trading – Emerging Models Forum on 13th February. What do you think are the most significant trends emerging in the area of automated trading? What will this me … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/26

Akamaiのターゲティング事業の買収についてMediaMath CEOのインタビュー

Yesterday, MediaMath announced that it was the winner of the long-rumored Acerno auction as Akamai officially exited its experiment with the advertising business – also known as Akamai’s Advertising Decision Solutions (ADS). (Read the Akamai release.) Of course, as a content distribution … Continue Reading →