• 2013/01/28

Rubicon ProjectのGMが語る、「モバイルRTB」と「プレミアム枠の自動広告取引」について

Rubicon Project Senior Vice-President and General Manager, International, Jay Stevens is speaking at our next event: AOP Programmatic Trading – Emerging Models Forum on 13th February. What do you think are the most significant trends emerging in the area of automated trading? What will this me … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/26

Akamaiのターゲティング事業の買収についてMediaMath CEOのインタビュー

Yesterday, MediaMath announced that it was the winner of the long-rumored Acerno auction as Akamai officially exited its experiment with the advertising business – also known as Akamai’s Advertising Decision Solutions (ADS). (Read the Akamai release.) Of course, as a content distribution … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/25


Hosting an afternoon panel at OMMA RTB, MediaPost editor-in-chief Joe Mandese is talking “serendipity,” and his fear that ever more accountable advertising is losing that magic ingredient. David Cohen, Chief Media Officer at Universal McCann says it’s not an issue. It’s not an “either/or” thing, Coh … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/25


Spend into online advertising continues to grow with little sign of abating. With more and more inventory pouring into the potential mix, the buyer’s perspective should be of paramount importance for publishers of premium inventory. They should be able to position all of their digital assets in a wa … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/25


As marketers advertise in more and more digital channels, more and more marketers need ways to gauge the value of those channels and calibrate their media spend proportionately. To do that, they need cross-channel attribution technologies, which are sorely lacking (as anyone checking out an industry … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/25


Last year was a year when the phrase “Big Data” was all over the place. Dig through the troves of data your business generates, the thinking goes, and some useful business intelligence falls out. That, at least, is the idea, and there are numerous companies — some startups, some big and established … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/25


Advertising technology companies are not exactly the most well-known names to the average web user, but they can certainly garner serious attention from those inside the industry — particularly investors. Case in point: AppNexus, the New York City-based company that runs a real-time bidding platform … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/24


More consolidation in the ad tech space. But this time it’s a big company helping a smaller one bulk up: Akamai is selling off its ad-targeting business to digital ad platform MediaMath. I don’t have terms of the deal, but my hunch is that it will involve some equity from New York-based MediaMath, w … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/24


Over the course of the last three years ExchangeWire has witnessed real time bidding emerge from a technological unknown to an established method of media buying. We are now at a point where, although automated-led buying still has room for much more growth, the marketplace has started to mature. We … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/24

[x+1] 、データを利用した新たなCRM施策を発表(英文)

[x+1], a leading provider of digital marketing and data management software, today introduced the next evolution of the [x+1] Origin enterprise Data Management Platform (DMP) — a key element of the [x+1] Origin Digital Marketing Hub. By giving marketers full access to paid and owned media chan … Continue Reading →

  • 2013/01/24

RTB関連トピック集2013年 7

Facebook、コンバージョン測定機能とCPM最適化機能をローンチ http://markezine.jp/article/detail/17113 ブログ:RTBがデジタル広告の主役になるためには何が必要なのか? http://www.exchangewire.jp/2013/01/18/blog-admarketeck-rtb/ 2013年のモバイル、ソーシャル、ビッグデータ、ジオロケーション、マーケティングはこうなる http://www.seojapan.com/blog/predictions-2013 2013年の検索広告をワイルドに予想 http://www.seojapan. … Continue Reading →