• 2012/12/13

RTB関連トピック集 15

コンバージョン最適化をやらない理由がない理由 http://www.seojapan.com/blog/conversion-science 次世代SEOの行く末 – アルゴリズム中心のアプローチは死ぬか? http://www.seojapan.com/blog/next-seo 日経電子版とCNNが明かすメディア戦略とブランディング http://web-tan.forum.impressrd.jp/e/2012/12/12/14134 誰でもできる!アトリビューション分析と最適化~82%売り上げが増加したAccor Hotelsの事例 http://markezine.jp/articlContinue Reading →

  • 2012/12/13

スマートフォン特化型DSP「Bypass」と レコメンデーション広告「デクワス.AD」が連携 

モーションビート株式会社(本社:東京都港区、代表執行役社長:金子 陽三、証券コード:2497、以下「motionBEAT」)と、サイジニア株式会社(本社:東京都品川区、代表取締役CEO:吉井 伸一郎、以下「サイジニア」)は、motionBEATが提供するスマートフォン特化型広告配信システムDSP(※1)「Bypass」( http://www.bypass.jp/ja/ )と、サイジニアが開発・提供するレコメンデーション広告「デクワス.AD」の連携のために提携したことを発表いたします。 これにより、motionBEATの「Bypass」上で、サイジニアの「デクワス.AD」が提供されることになり … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/12/13


PubMatic (www.pubmatic.com), the digital media platform company for publishers, today announced a partnership with MobStac, a mobile platform that allows publishers to easily create and manage mobile websites and apps across all devices. MobStac will be offered as a service through PubMatic’s PubLin … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/12/12


Today, mobile advertising exchange Nexage released its first quarterly mobile analytics report. Nexage analyzed more than 20 billion mobile advertising impressions per month to assess the health of the market. The picture that emerges is that mobile advertising is making progress and the industry is … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/12/12

MobileにおけるRich Mediaについて -Nexageより-

Ads featuring video and rich media as well as location-based units are helping drive demand and increased value for mobile advertising. That’s according to a new report from mobile exchange Nexage analyzing trends and activity on its network in the second half of 2012. The company reports a 24% mont … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/12/12

PubMatic、iOSとAndroidでMRAID SDKのV2.0に対応開始

PubMatic (www.pubmatic.com), the digital media platform company for publishers, today announced the launch of its version 2.0 MRAID SDK on iOS and Android. The new version of the SDK includes an open adapter to enable all ad networks to seamlessly and easily integrate their SDKs into the PubMatic Ma … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/12/11


SpotXchange has some pretty cool tech. Now, they’re working on helping everyone get the most out of that technology by offering a series of informational articles in their Digital Video Survival Guide. The newest chapter, is all about Buy and Sell Sides, Roles and Responsibilities. If you̵ … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/12/10

RTB関連トピック集 14

商品リスト広告(Product Listing Ads:PLA)について http://www.admarketech.com/2012/12/product-listing-ads.html クリテオや楽天でおなじみの一度閲覧した商品や関連する商品が、次々と表示されるような広告形態です。 リターゲティングと組み合わせることで、効率よく販売をできることから、近頃人気を集めております。 DSP/RTBがもたらす新たなメディアバイイングへの期待 http://diamond.jp/articles/-/28776 サイバーエージェント、スマホ向けSEMコンサルティングサービスの専門会社を設立 ht … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/12/07

PubMatic、ドイツの媒体社QUARTER MEDIAと提携

QUARTER MEDIA, one of the leading online publishers of premium inventory in Germany, will build on the technology of PubMatic, a Supply Side Platform (SSP) for publishers operating on desktops, mobiles and tablets. The partnership enables QUARTER MEDIA´s inventory to be sold via RTB. Tibor Gaddum, o … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/12/07

Facebook、MicrosoftからAtlas Solutionsを買収か

The rise of an external Facebook ad network could be closer than ever. The social network is looking into buying Atlas Solutions from Microsoft, according to reports published Thursday by All Things D and Business Insider. Advertising Age had reported in October that Microsoft was in talks to sell t … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/12/06

Tinkoff Digital、DSP 「DataMind」をロシア市場でリリース

Tinkoff Digital, the newly-launched digital ad solution provider, is announcing that it is a rolling out a DSP for the Russian market. DataMind will be Tinkoff Digital’s first product launch in the market. The new solution is aimed squarely at Russsia’s fast growing e-commerce market, but the compan … Continue Reading →