• 2018/04/26


インテグラル・アド・サイエンス(日本オフィス:東京都品川区、代表取締役社長:藤中太郎、以下 IAS)と世界最大のメディアコミュニケーションエージェンシーであるグループエム・ジャパン(日本オフィス:東京都渋谷区、代表取締役:渡邉康司)は、グループエムがグローバルに展開するデジタル広告の独自ビューアビリティ基準(視認性基準)である「グループエム基準」を満たす広告のみを課金対象とする新たなサービスを展開すると発表しました。

  • 2017/12/20


インテグラル・アド・サイエンス(日本オフィス:東京都品川区、代表取締役社長:藤中太郎、以下 IAS)は、世界最大のメディアコミュニケーションエージェンシーであるグループエム(日本オフィス:東京都渋谷区、代表取締役社長:渡邉 康司)を日本国内三例目(代理店としては二例目)となる「サーティファイド・ベリフィケーション・パートナー」に認定したと発表しました。

  • 2017/09/28


GroupM, the media investment group of WPP, today announced the launch of Finecast, a company delivering digital-like precision and accountability to advertising on television. As TV audiences fragment across a range of platforms and as viewing behaviours evolve, TV advertisers are grappling with how … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/08/18



  • 2017/05/22

GroupM、Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)にPattison氏を任命

GroupM, the world’s leading media investment group, today announced the appointment of Lindsay Pattison as Chief Transformation Officer (CTO). She will lead change initiatives across GroupM and its agencies, and with other WPP companies will create tailored and flexible models that serve clients bet … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/05/08

GroupM、デジタル広告市場予想の「Interaction 2017」を発表 -15の市場でデジタル広告がテレビを抜きトップへ-

GroupM today published Interaction 2017, a state of the union assessment of digital advertising worldwide with forecasts on technology developments, media marketplace trends and evolving consumer behaviors informed by experts from WPP’s worldwide network of communications, marketing and data c … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/03/14


Kick-off for [m]PLATFORM in Germany: GroupM agencies in Germany now also have a central technology suite with flexible media planning applications, data analytics tools and digital services, which bundles together all digital offerings and products of the group. Media planners at Mindshare, MEC, Med … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/01/26

GroupM、WPPグループ内のMediaCom Indiaを買収

WPP’s global media investment arm GroupM has agreed to increase its holding in MediaCom India to become a majority stakeholder. The move allows MediaCom India to access and tap into the global reach and infrastructure of GroupM.

  • 2017/01/05



  • 2016/11/30

WPP傘下のGroupM、メディアプランニングツール「 [m]PLATFORM」をリリース

GroupM, the media investment management group of WPP, today announced the global launch of [m]PLATFORM, an advanced technology suite of flexible media planning applications, data analytics and digital services. The platform will improve advertisers’ ability to use audiencedefining insights from hund … Continue Reading →

  • 2016/11/15


GroupM, the media investment group of WPP, today announced a simplified management structure in the U.S. and Canada designed to deliver consistent and cohesive resources to GroupM agencies centered around two fundamental pillars: media investment and platform services. The changes will streamline th … Continue Reading →