• 2018/01/11

IAB Tech Lab、OpenDirect 2.0をパブリックコメント用にリリース

 IAB Tech Labは、プレミアム在庫をプログラマティック経由でダイレクト取引するための仕様である「OpenDirect 2.0」をパブリックコメントを募集するために公開しました。

  • 2017/12/15


The explosive growth of podcast listening shows no signs of slowing. An estimated 67 million Americans over 12-year old listen to podcasts monthly, according to Edison Research, up significantly compared to just a year ago.

  • 2017/10/05


IABは、Safariブラウザのトラッキング防止機能「Intelligent Tracking Prevention(ITP)」への対応方針を発表しました。

  • 2017/10/05


デジタル広告業界団体であるIABの研究機関のIAB Tech Labは、アプリ向けビューアビリティー計測のオープンソースSDKを公開しました。

  • 2017/09/13

IAB、安全性や透明性の向上を目的に「OpenRTB 3.0」を公開へ

The IAB Technology Laboratory released for public comment OpenRTB 3.0, a major overhaul to the real-time bidding framework that will heighten trust in the security of the automated advertising supply chain by giving buyers more transparency during the bid process. It also integrates recent technolog … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/08/23


The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released today the “IAB Podcast Playbook,” the organization’s first-ever buyer’s guide for podcast advertising, which provides insights into audience demographics, listener behaviors, creative treatments, ad formats, delivery and targeting, and ad effectivene … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/07/21



  • 2017/07/10


IAB、IAB Europe、IHS Markitは共同で、2016年のグローバルでのモバイル広告市場レポートを発表しました。

  • 2017/06/16


The first quarter of 2017 marked the highest ever Q1 earnings for digital advertising in the U.S., hitting $19.6 billion, according to the latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report released today by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and prepared by PwC US. Climbing 23 percent, or $3.7 bi … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/06/16

IAB、Header Bidding (ヘッダー入札)の業界標準策定へ

The IAB Technology Laboratory today released for public comment “Standard Header Container Integration with an Ad Server,” a standard for header bidding that establishes the foundational requirements needed to support the adoption of header bidding technology. The document provides insights into bes … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/05/18

The Trade Desk、IABが提示した新基準「Ads.txt」に準拠

The Trade Desk, Inc. ( NASDAQ : TTD ), a global technology platform for buyers of advertising, supports Ads.txt, the new open standard and technical specification for increasing transparency across the digital programmatic ecosystem, announced today by the IAB Tech Lab.